Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Share gift lists with friends and family using Giftful. Add links to items you want from around the web and share your list with others. They reserve items they want to get you by clicking "Claim."

Shh... it's a secret: You won't be able to see which items have been claimed from your personal wishlist. We believe gift giving should stay a surprise!

Getting started:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Add a wishlist
  3. Paste links from around the web to add wishes to your wishlist
  4. Search for friends or share a link to your wishlist
  5. Claim wishes off others' wishlists

Tip: Use our Google Chrome Browser Extension for the easiest way to add wishes to your wishlist!

What kind of wishlist can I make?

Giftful is great for any occasion! Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, Christmas lists, house warming, apartment ideas, pets, Valentine's day, or even just inspiration.

There are 3 different list types you can choose from:

  1. Wishlist
    • Perfect for birthdays, christmas lists, or general things you'd like.
    • A wishlist is for items you want others to buy for you.
  2. Registry
    • Perfect for weddings, baby showers, house warming, etc.
    • Registries let you see what's been claimed and lets you download a list of which items have been claimed after the event is over.
  3. Personal
    • Perfect for shopping lists, inspiration, and organization.
    • Personal lists are more like a todo list. Items cannot be claimed but instead, you're able to check items off your list as you complete them.

Can my friends see if I claim an item on their list?

No way!

Claiming wishes is completely anonymous. If you find the perfect gift you'd like to get someone on their wishlist, just click "Claim" and you will reserve that item so that no one else can buy it.

When it's your personal list, you won't be able to see which wishes have been claimed. That way, gift giving can stay a surprise!

Can I see what items have been claimed on my list?

If your wishlists is set to "for me" in the wishlist settings, you will not be able to see what items have been claimed, and will not be able to claim wishes yourself.

If your wishlist is a registry or is set to "for someone else" you will be able to see which items have been claimed and will also be able to claim wishes yourself!

If you set your wishlist to a "collaborative wishlist" in the 'Privacy & Sharing', you can add other users from giftful to help you build the perfect wishlist. You will also be able to claim items and see which items your friends have claimed.

How do I download a list of claimed items?

If your wishlist is a registry, you will be able to download a pdf of all of your wishes after the date of your event. It will also show which items have been claimed and by whom.

To download this list, visit your wishlist on or after the event date and click the icon near the list settings!

Can the same item be purchased by more than one person?

No. At this time, only 1 person can claim a wish. If it is not your personal list you will be able to see which items are still available to be claimed.

How do I create a wishlist for someone else?

In the wishlist settings you can choose to set the wishlist "For Me" or "For Someone Else". If you select "For Someone Else", you will be able to see what items have been claimed and also claim items yourself!

This option is great for parents creating lists for their kids or for creating list for your family or loved one.

How much does Giftful cost?

Nothing. Giftful is completely free and always will be.

What type of occasion do I use Giftful for?

Any occasion you can think of! Birthdays, holidays, wedding registries, baby registries, anniversaries, charity drives, or even general shopping lists.

How do I buy items that I claim?

At this time Giftful doesn't sell any items directly.

After you claim an item on Giftful, it will show up in your claimed items list. Click to open up the details of the wish you are ready to purchase and you will see a "Buy Online" button. This button will lead you directly to the right place to purchase it.

Can I share my wishlist?

Yes! If your account is not set to "private" in your account settings, you can share a link to your profile and all of your public wishlists will be available to those you share it with.

If your wishlist is set to "private", the list can only be seen with a direct link to the wishlist.

If your account is set to "private", only users on giftful who are your friends will be able to see your profile and wishlists.

How do I add a profile photo?

You can add or update your profile photo directly from your dashboard by clicking the photo or visiting your account settings.

Can I Customize My Profile URL?

Yes! If you would like to change your personalized profile url, visit your account settings and choose a new url!

Can I Make My Wishlist Private?

Yes! When you create a wishlist, you can choose "Privacy & Sharing" to choose your privacy settings. You can also edit these settings anytime by clicking the "settings" link in your wishlist.

Can I Make My Account Private?

Yes! A private account will make all your wishlists private and only viewable by friends. Visit your account settings to edit your privacy options.

Do friends / family need an account to view my wishes?

Yes and no.

By default users must have a Giftful account to view your wishes. This allows them to see what's already been claimed and also claim items on the list.

If you'd like to disable this you can click the "Anyone With Link Can View" setting under the Privacy & Sharing options menu of your wishlist settings. This option will allow anyone with the link to view your wishlist without needing an account.

To visit your wishlist settings. Visit the wishlist you want to edit and click the "Settings" link. Once you confirm your type of wishlist click "next". From there you can edit / update your wishlist options including the 'Privacy & Sharing' area where you will find privacy and share options as well.